Hatfield Metal Fabrication, Inc.
is currently manufacturing 
chambers and components for 
four pharmaceutical companies
working directly with
Abbott Labs in their effort to
combat COVID-19.


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Hatfield Metal Fabrication in Poughkeepsie NY offers one of the best equipped full service metal machine shops in the Northeast. Services include milling, drilling, CNC machining, Bridgeport work, CNC lathe work, tapping, and more. We have a variety of multi-axis machining centers to help produce machined parts with great precision and short turn-around time.

ASME & PED Certified

PED certified tank fabrication, PED pressure vessel manufacturer, PED vessel design Hudson Valley

Other Services

  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Large Plate Processing
  • Sheet Metal Services
  • Fiber-Opitic Laser Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • Plasma & Waterjet Cutting
  • Painting & Powder Coating
  • All Types Of Welding
  • ASME & PED Fabrication
  • All Types Of Materials
  • Regional Delivery Service

Large Plate Rolling