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Hatfield Metal Fabrication's laser cutting systems represent the latest technology in sheet metal fabrication and provide unparalleled precision in cutting of production parts. The speed and accuracy of our laser cutting equipment make it the process of choice when critical tolerances and timely delivery cannot be compromised. Our high speed laser cutting centers give us exceptional cutting capabilities for intricate shapes using many types of material with very short set-up times. (Our laser cutting services exhibit great versatility: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, exotic metals and more.) This high flexibility allows us to produce prototype and production parts in lot sizes that are cost effective for the customer. We specialize in developing components with very high accuracy and finish that would not be cost effective with conventional machine tools.

Laser cutting is being used for an increasing number of applications in sheet metal processing and represents a unique quality. The high level of production flexibility and the almost unlimited diversity of materials and shapes explain its worldwide recognition as an indispensable basic technology. Utilizing both a Bystronic Bystar Fiber 4020 and a BySprint Fiber 3015 Laser Cutting Systems, we can not only process your parts at even a faster rate, but we also have the ability to laser cut more exotic, non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

Having these state-of-the art laser systems enables us to not only provide you with the quality parts you need, but to also deliver them when you need them. Call us to day to find out how it is we can help you with your laser cut parts.

ASME & PED Certified

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